Lesson Three with SW.

Thanks for joining me!

I’m Glen, I’m a sophomore in a large East Coast University, and I am learning to teach English! I major in linguistics with a sociolinguistics concentration, I minor in Ecological Agriculture, and most importantly I’m working towards a certificate in TESOL. I am focusing my English teaching experience on accent, a subject very few seem to take on the challenge of. I hope that teaching English will take me around the world, and I hope I can use it to make a good wage to pay off my student debts one I graduate. I am just starting to give lessons, and I am admittedly inexperienced, for this reason and because it’s through my linguistics department, they’re currently free and I am only working with one student; SW. I hope over the summer to provide free lessons to 2-3 people in the community, and by September next year of 2018, be charging some small amount.

I hoping to use this blog to force myself to keep notes on my experience, so that I can learn from it and grow as a teacher. Maybe people reading this can grow from my experience as well, and maybe people reading this will have their own suggestions on how I can best serve my students. I’m hoping that this blog will be a many-year project for me as I learn and teach around the United States and the World.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton